2020 Automated Campaign Performance

Every year, Revinate publishes a Hotel Marketing Benchmark Report to provide the industry with actionable and comparative insights from hotels around the world. We analyzed more than 368 million emails sent in 2020 from Revinate’s Marketing customers so that we can provide a unique review for a unique year. Below is a snapshot of the Section 5, Automated Campaign Performance

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Imagine a world where you could meaningfully connect with guests, increase direct bookings, and drive incremental revenue, all without hardly lifting a finger. Well, imagine no more because that’s exactly what you can accomplish with automated campaigns. Purely behavioral or trigger-based in nature, these campaigns are set up once and then run automatically in the background. Automated campaign examples include pre-arrivals, upsells, on-property welcome letters, winback offers, and birthday promotions.

Automated emails have extremely high lifetime value as they can run for months or even years while needing only periodic updates or changes. Additionally, due to their segmentation and personalization, automated emails have, on average, 270% higher open rates than one-time campaigns.

Automated emails are a great way to provide your guests with a high-touch experience throughout the guest journey.

During each phase of the guest lifecycle, there are numerous opportunities to increase value to your guests.

For example, Revinate customers have found great success with automated pre-arrival emails that are sent a few days before the guest checks in. Since these emails get terrific open rates, they’re a great opportunity to enhance the guest’s stay and drive upsell revenue at the same time.

Automated arrival emails can welcome your guests when they check-in and let them know what’s happening at the hotel during their stay. During Covid, they can inform guests about health and safety requirements and which outlets are open.

For the modern hotelier, success is all about finding ways to leverage technology to make your job easier and more efficient. The best thing about automated emails is that they’re triggered by guest behavior and powered by data from the PMS. That means that once the emails are set up, you can sit back and relax.

Global Automated Campaigns

Hoteliers should be thrilled with the global results achieved by We Miss You, Birthday, and OTA Winback campaigns. Together, these saw the highest open, click, and conversion rates of all emails.

Global automated campaign open rate was 30.0%, with click-through rates at 5.5%, and 0.56% of those guests having converted into a reservation. These campaigns have an incredible potential to drive repeat stays with a total funnel conversion of 0.56% from all recipients.

To get the best results from automated campaigns, hoteliers should regularly review metrics and continually test subject lines and send times to ensure they remain relevant.

Automated Campaign By Type

View the full Benchmark for campaign-specific insights.

With the pandemic top-of-mind for all travelers, hoteliers were forced to change the message and really think about the best way to engage guests.

Download the full Marketing Benchmark Report today to get the actionable insights you need to improve your hotel marketing and benchmark your success. We cover 9 topics including marketing campaign performance, hotel database size, trends in 2020, and amenity and room upsells.

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