3 Ways to Find Your Best Guests Across Your Hotel Group

Communicating with guests from the group level is no easy task. Often, brand-level hotel marketers don’t have visibility into which guests have stayed where, how often they’ve stayed, and how much they’ve spent across the portfolio. However, if hoteliers want to boost repeat business, it’s important that guests are marketed to in a way that rewards them for their brand loyalty and makes them feel valued.

The good news is that an effective and viable solution does exist. When hotel groups partner with a hospitality CRM and email marketing provider that supports PMS integrations, hotel databases can be combined into one master list and then segmented into smaller, more strategic lists. Once the PMS data has been unlocked and segmented, hoteliers are able to send more personalized and tailored campaigns to past guests across the portfolio, rewarding them for their loyalty and encouraging them to visit even more properties within the group.

Where to start as a corporate marketer? Keep reading for a few highly effective and easy-to-create database segments that will help you identify, target, and reward your best guests.

Repeat Guests

Given high customer acquisition costs, repeat guests are naturally some of your best guests and should be treated as such. With the right technology, you can build ‘repeat guest’ segments by filtering your database on the total number of room nights or the total number of stays across all properties.

Once you know who your repeat guests are, you can reward them with special offers and promotions that are available exclusively to them. After all, someone who has stayed with you five times should be treated differently than someone who has stayed just once. As an example, Reveur Hospitality sent an early bird offer for a popular holiday to only those guests who had stayed three or more times at any of their properties – giving them the opportunity to be the first to book their stay over a period that is sure to sell out.

Top Spenders

Revinate Marketing Top Spenders segment card

Another segment within your group database that you’ll want to be sure to unlock is Top Spenders – which is made up of those guests who have the highest lifetime spend across your portfolio.

These past guests aren’t afraid to pay top dollar, so you will want to exclude them from any flash sales and deeply discounted offers. Instead, focus their promotional emails on upgrades, value-adds, and exclusive access to top-tier amenities and events.

Stay Dates

Off-season guest segment card

Finally, we recommend segmenting by stay dates to target past guests by season. During peak season, we recommend reaching out to guests who stayed with you over the same time last year. Tempt them with early access to your best rooms, which will help build your base of business well in advance of your booking window and allow you to increase rates later on. When business is slow, use the same approach to invite past guests who stayed on your properties during the off-season to ensure rooms get filled when demand is low.

No matter your portfolio size, Revinate’s segmentation functionality makes it easy to increase direct bookings and drive revenue. Start targeting your most loyal guests, highest spenders, and seasonal visitors, and you’re well on your way to group marketing success.

Revinate Marketing helps hotel groups drive direct bookings across the portfolio

Refine your group marketing strategies to better identify and target your most lucrative guests across your hotel group – resulting in higher bookings and guest engagement.

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