6 Tips for Writing a Guest-friendly Coronavirus Email for hotels

Have you sent out a statement about your COVID-19 policy yet? If not, we want to help. We have combed through dozens of emails that we received from hotels and hospitality companies of all sizes and want to share some best practices. In this blog, we have 6 tips for writing a guest-friendly Coronavirus email for hotels.

If you’re a Revinate Marketing customer, you already know that the key to high open rates is segmentation of your database. We suggest you segment your database and send an email to anyone who has stayed with you over the last two years. Guests with upcoming reservations should get a more tailored email.

Be Personal

It’s a scary time for many people and a note from a real person is appropriate. Here’s an example of a nice start:

Hello. It’s here from . Your wellness and the wellbeing of our teams is at the forefront of our minds right now. We want to personally reach out to our community to address the current situation with coronavirus (COVID-19).

Share the Steps You’ve Taken to Ensure Guest Safety

For example:

  • We have taken our cleaning and personal hygiene procedures to the next level. We are cleaning more frequently, with a focus on disinfecting public areas and wiping down door handles, tablettops, and counters every 30 minutes. This is in addition to our rigorous regular cleaning routine and our in-depth room cleanings between guests.
  • We have reinforced to our team members the importance of staying home if they are showing any signs of illness. This is already a standard practice for our hotel, but we are making sure our staff understand how important this is for everyone’s safety. (Note: If all your workers have insurance, let your guests know. It’s a great way to share your core values.)
  • To make dining in your room easier, we will waive service fees for room-service orders and are happy to leave the tray at the door, if you prefer.

Include Details About Your Cancellation Policy

Guests with reservations probably want to know whether they will get a refund if they cancel a reservation. Be transparent about your policy and invite guests to reach out to you directly if they have any questions.

Discuss the Need to Not Let Fear Take Over

With so much fear and misinformation, reassure your guests that life will return to normal and you can’t wait to welcome them back Here’s an example that we loved:

We have been a gathering spot for locals and weary travelers since . With the unknown threat of coronavirus to our community, we are encouraged to retreat into isolation. While this is needed to protect everyone, especially our most vulnerable, it puts businesses, like ours, in uncharted territory. What can you do? Continue to support your favorite businesses where you can. We want nothing more than for all of us to get through this together. Our wish is to continue to provide you with the best service in the industry and support the livelihood of our hard working teams.

Ensure Guests Know You’re Not Letting Your Guard Down

Because new facts emerge every day, it’s important to let guests know that you are staying on top of the news and will be following CDC recommendations. Here’s an example of what you can say:

We will continue to monitor the situation, taking our guidance from the CDC and local health authorities, and will update you as new details emerge.

Be a Resource

End on a friendly note and let guests know that you’re there for them:

Please reach out to us with any questions and ideas on how we can be of service to you in these uncertain times. We really appreciate your continued support.

By putting these tips into action, you can craft effective, gust-friendly coronavirus communications. For revinate customers, we’ve included a template that does just that.

If you need help or guidance navigating this uncertainty, you can always reach out to our team.

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