How the Metaverse will Impact Hospitality

Analyzing the Areas of Hospitality the Metaverse Will Change Virtual reality meets augmented reality, in the digital world. Welcome to the metaverse. What You Will See Here The Metaverse The Metaverse and Hospitality Hospitality in 3D NFT Crossover Meta-Loyal Meta-Upsells Meta-Staff The Metaverse In case you were wondering, it’s not a video game. You need … Read more

The Face of Hospitality in the Post-Covid World

After the coronavirus pandemic’s impact brought the world to a sudden standstill, recovery has been slow and dismal for many industries. The future of the hospitality and tourism industry seemed grim. When the world was hit by the catastrophe, businesses shut shops quickly to combat its effects and turned to measures they wouldn’t have otherwise … Read more

9 Warning Signs Your Direct Booking Strategy Is In Trouble

Whenever a guest decides to book a trip they are investing their time, money, and resources in exchange for what they hope to be an amazing vacation. Are they booking with you directly or are they shopping the market? Unfortunately, OTA’s are experts at capitalizing on your guests’ desire to find the best price for … Read more

Inbound & Outbound Hospitality Marketing Ideas

Putting together creative marketing ideas for your hotel can often be a challenge, especially for properties that lack a dedicated marketing manager. However, if you want to effectively compete with other properties and drive business to your property, you must consistently implement and test new marketing strategies. As post-pandemic demand continues to pick up across … Read more

The Benefits of Using Hotel Management Software for Small Hotels

If you’re thinking about using a hotel management system to operate your small-scale business, the first concern you’ll probably raise is, “Is it wise to spend on one?” Will the platform be worth the money you have to spend on it and the shifts you have to make to your schedule? ‘Yes’, is the simple … Read more

Understanding What Travelers Want from a Hotel

The pandemic has forever changed the future of travel. However, the travel demand is up much higher, and new travel trends have emerged since restrictions were relaxed. The changes include some never-before-seen demands from guests looking to travel in the safest and healthiest ways possible. Present-day travelers focus on contact-less everything, with a clear need … Read more

The Great Resignation and the Hospitality Industry

The Great Resignation has produced employee exits in multiple industries as we’ve never seen before in our history. Specific industries have been impacted more than others, and the hospitality sector leads the pack among exiting employees. Many of these exits can be blamed on the layoffs that happened during lockdowns because of travel restrictions. Another … Read more

What Can Small Hotels Do to Succeed in the Hospitality Industry?

Building a small hotel from nothing into a wildly successful venture is no small feat. That’s particularly true today. The hospitality industry is far more competitive than it was even a decade ago. For owners wondering how to make a hotel better and more successful, the answer is simple: take the right steps and follow … Read more