CDUK partners with Applelec to launch M|R Walls

CDUK, supplier of solid surface materials and complementary products has partnered with bespoke lighting products manufacturer Applelec to create an exclusive line of multidimensional M|R Walls designed by renowned Californian designer Mario Romano.

CDUK is the exclusive surface material supplier for M|R Walls in the UK and Ireland and Applelec is the exclusive manufacturer, installer and lighting supplier.

M|R Walls are textured, etched and multidimensional wall surfaces made from Corian Solid Surface material. Panels are carved with intricate and endlessly variable gradient patterns, inspired by Mario Romano’s love of nature. The walls can be used to introduce texture and movement within a space, while the interplay of light animates the walls with moments of intensity as the patterning is highlighted.

Evolving from Romano’s desire to create decorative building surfaces outside of the usual repetitive and constrained three-dimensional tiles, M|R Walls offers architects and designers a surface with unlimited design potential that can be specified for an abundance of applications. From feature walls in reception areas, restaurants, bars, bathroom walls, to external and garden features, M|R Walls is a creative design solution for those wanting to enhance a space or building.

In contrast to standard square tiles, M|R Walls designs are created using interlocking puzzle pieces that form a single continuous assembly. This modular construction provides a simple and cost-effective installation process, whilst enabling seams to be integrated inconspicuously to produce walls that flow effortlessly and are unlimited in scale.

“The launch of M|R Walls marks an exciting stage in CDUK’s growth and development through our new partnership with Mario Romano, and in collaboration with longstanding partner and industry leader Applelec,” says Andy Noble, Managing Director, CDUK. “With over 40 years’ experience working with Corian Solid Surface, our expertise has allowed us to combine the exceptional performance of Corian Solid Surface with Mario’s unique designs, expanding CDUK’s product range and delivering a new imaginative surface solution for our customers.”

Romano has revolutionized design technology with a patented manufacturing process, involving the latest in parametric computing and CNC machining technology, which expands the use of solid surfaces and its creative possibilities. The intricate designs are created digitally, before being embossed and engraved into Corian Solid Surface to create the raised textures and patterns.

The non-porous, durable, and easy to clean composition of Corian Solid Surface ensure standout performance across a range of settings. Given the strengths of Corian Solid Surface combined with Mario’s unique designs, M|R Walls deliver a visually stunning, high-end design with standout performance that pushes the boundaries of materiality.

The M|R Walls range comprises twelve patterns designed by Romano to incorporate the captivating beauty of nature into architectural surfaces. CDUK has curated a range of five Corian Solid Surface colours, including Designer White, Light Ash, and Pearl Gray, to complement Romano’s designs and guarantee the material’s suitability across a range of applications.

The properties of Corian allow backlighting to be further incorporated into the walls, accentuating the abstract patterns and providing depth and warmth through the texture of the surface, adding a new dimension to M|R Walls. Working in partnership with lighting specialist, Applelec, CDUK can advise architects and designers on the perfect lighting solutions, including backlighting, surface lighting, and smart lighting.

M|R Walls are also available in bespoke Corian Solid Surface colours, with designs customized to suit client needs.

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