How Tim Ferriss Inspired Our Corporate Reporting Functionality

In 2007, Tim Ferriss published the 4-Hour Workweek and many people began seeking alternatives to the never-ending hamster wheel called work. Even those readers that didn’t take drastic measures to change how they worked, found tips and tricks to better balance their lives by making their work lives more efficient.

Hoteliers operate 24/7 businesses. Even corporate employees feel the pressure of being always-on. The truth is that managing a guest program at the corporate level is hard. With multiple hotels, tasks get repetitive as you jump from hotel to hotel and try to roll up reporting. Without multi-property level dashboards, workflows, features, reports, and controls, it can be nearly impossible, especially when you’re managing different brands, in different geographies, running on different systems.

We wanted to give brands and management companies the tools they need to understand how hotels are performing so we created our corporate reporting functionality. Our goal was to enable corporate employees to get their reporting and analysis done in just a few minutes a day by taking the busy, manual work out of the equation.

We have spent a lot of time with brands and management companies and we know how busy and resource-constrained you are. By bringing tools and reports together into a single dashboard, you have everything you need in one place. No more calls and emails to the hotel to request their numbers. You have them in real-time.

But saving you time doesn’t mean that you lose the details or the business impact. In fact, by bringing together the databases of all of your hotels and merging the profiles of all your guests, you can get a complete picture on each guest and see how loyal they are – not just at one hotel, but across the entire portfolio. This allows you to identify top guests by spend, by stay, etc.

We want you to truly get to know your guest.

So what does five minutes a day look like for a corporate employee using Revinate? It starts and ends with Revinate’s version of Mission Control – a single place to access all of your hotels’ data.

  • The Marketing Dashboard gives you insights on campaign and revenue performance – you can see how well guests are engaging with campaigns at each property.
  • Your customizable Guest Feedback Dashboard includes the online reputation and surveys metrics that matters the most to you and your team. Because you can push goals down to the hotels, everyone knows what’s expected of them and what success looks like.
  • Database Insights allows you to check the health of your data and get a portfolio-wide view of your guests, thus enabling you to make better marketing and operating decisions.

We also know that your job includes a lot of ‘managing up.’ At the corporate level, you have to be in constant communication with a lot of people: the owner, the management company, various general managers, different department heads across the organization, etc. We know how much time that can suck up so we’ve made it really easy to set up a variety of automated reports that you can schedule to go out at a certain time – anything from our marketing digest to our well-known guest satisfaction reports , so that any person who needs to know is always in the know.

Finally, we know that the only constant in your job is change. You might be bringing on three hotels next month and five more by December. That’s why we built Revinate to ensure that your days don’t get blown up as hotels get added into the portfolio. In fact, with Revinate, it’s really easy to bring on new hotels. We take on the work of integrating new hotels’ data, regardless of PMS. (Data integration is our secret sauce.) We built Revinate from the ground up to scale for groups.

Finally, as a member of the Revinate family, we protect your time by making sure you always have access to our amazing support team, our customer success team, and our hospitality marketing strategists, as well as our online training and help desk. These assets are all part of our plan to ensure you can stay on top of your game, in just minutes a day.

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