Leveraging Different Social Media Sites to Promote Your Event Spaces for Weddings

After almost two years of postponing, many couples that haven’t already tied the knot are looking to make it official in 2022. With search queries for “wedding venues near me” up 200% since the thick of the pandemic, hoteliers need to seize the opportunity to market their event spaces on social media. With the right approach, you can make the most out of the top social platforms and secure reservations. Each social media platform is different and should not be treated the same way. We have tips lined up for the top four social platforms to help you get your hotel’s event spaces booked in time for wedding season.


As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, Instagram is a very visual forum. It’s essential to focus on aesthetics here as you want to capture the attention of users. Blurry, dark, or careless-looking photos should not be posted. Instead, opt for pictures that are clear and have appropriate lighting. Content can take the form of images of the event space itself, outdoor wedding space if available, and even photos from previous weddings at the property. This is your chance to showcase your hotel and attract the attention of soon-to-be brides and grooms.


All about quick bites of info, Twitter is the best place to post updates and answer questions. This is your chance to provide the information couples are looking for, such as your hotel’s COVID protocols. With varying levels of comfort shown by guests, it’s important to keep your messaging clear, so there is no confusion. Are there any mask or vaccine mandates? Let your guests know, especially if they’re flying in from out of town and may not be familiar with local guidelines. In addition, you can provide updates to booking and cancellation policies so couples know what to expect when planning their big day.


With the prominence of Facebook, there’s no shortage of benefits to plugging your event space on this platform. You can post pictures, updates, announcements, and more. With so many users, there’s no shortage of conversations about weddings that you can join and offer your expertise. People love genuine advice and you and your hotel will come across as less self-serving than if you were only trying to get something out of other users.


Put your best professional foot forward on Linkedin and you could be rewarded with more than you thought. This platform is great for targeting the obvious choice: wedding planners. If a wedding planner likes your property enough, they are likely to recommend it to their clients. Besides wedding plans, Linkedin is an excellent tool for reaching out to vendors if you don’t already have a list. From florists to DJs to photographers, having these contacts in your back pocket can help you give couples a better experience when you offer all of these services in a package.

Making the Most of Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool if used correctly. Otherwise, it can turn out to be a big waste of time when all the effort spent in creating and posting content falls flat or doesn’t reach the right eyes. In an age where a hotelier’s time is more valuable than ever, you can’t afford to waste even a minute.

That’s why you should let the experts help. Travel Media Group plans up to 5 custom compelling and engaging posts for your social media accounts per week so your content calendar is never empty. These actionable posts encourage bookings and help you expand your ideal audience, boost engagement, and even improve SEO. So, what are you waiting for? Every second counts! Find out more about Travel Media Group’s social media solution today!

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