Make the most of every guest with Advanced Profile Synthesis

Recently, we shared news about an upcoming technology release that we are incredibly excited about because it solves a major pain point for the hospitality industry. Advanced Profile Synthesis remedies a common problem in the hospitality industry: dirty data. Finally, hoteliers can spend less time manually cleaning up data and more time making the most of every guest. It’s a pretty incredible piece of technology that has taken us years to develop and train, and we’re thrilled that it’s here.

So, how will Advanced Profile Synthesis benefit you as a hotel marketer?

Advanced Profile Synthesis will benefit hoteliers in at least six important ways:

  1. Automatically and continuously clean your guest database

Remember the famous marketing slogan, ‘set it and forget it’? We thought even that was too much work! We don’t even make you ‘set it’. Unlike solutions that require you to set aside time to focus on maintenance, our algorithm runs in the background. That means that while you’re working on other projects or even sleeping, our technology is working. It’s processing new information every 48 hours to continuously clean, deduplicate, and merge profiles.

By working around the clock and behind the scenes to keep your data clean, Advanced Profile Synthesis takes the work out of database maintenance. This allows you to get more done during your day without needing to focus on, or even think about, the arduous process of keeping your data clean.

  1. Give you a more accurate and true view of your guests

When your data is clean, it’s easier to get a true picture of who your guests are, which is important for developing the best marketing campaigns to drive past guests back to your hotel. Great marketing requires accurate segmentation, and the combination of Advanced Profile Synthesis and Revinate Marketing makes it easy to accurately segment your database.

A segment is simply a filter of your guest database that you can save and use for the targeting of your email campaigns. Segments can use different targeting criteria of various fields to narrow down the results from your database. The different fields that you can use to create criteria span from guest profile related fields, like location, gender, or subscription status, to stay related fields, like rate codes, stay dates, and room types.

The segmentation tool in Revinate Marketing makes it easy to create and analyze your segments using AND and OR statements to drill down on criteria. Here are some examples of how you can create specific segments:

  • Everyone in hotel #1 that has stayed from January to March of last year OR everyone who stayed at hotel #2 from March to April.
  • Anyone located ‘within 50 miles’ AND is part of ‘contact list x’.
  • Either someone that stayed X# of nights OR spent over $XXXX

With a clean database and the ability to segment, you can finally see who your most loyal guests are. You can look at guests by nights booked or see your biggest spenders. You can even know the average number of stays across your properties and segment by guests who’ve stayed at several of your properties. With this data easily accessible, it’s much easier to develop marketing campaigns that drive revenue.

  1. Effectively manage the health of your database over time

A key component of a healthy database is having contacts with valid and reachable email addresses. Without email addresses, it’s much harder to cost-effectively reach out to your past guests. This is a common problem for hoteliers for a couple of reasons. First, OTA customers’ emails are masked from the hotel upon booking. Second, guests that book over the phone don’t always provide an email address. Unless the front desk staff is scrupulous about requesting email addresses, they can go uncollected.

With Advanced Profile Synthesis and Revinate Marketing, it’s easy to see the difference between the number of “people in a segment” versus the number of people “reachable by email.” People in a segment simply refers to those who qualify for the segment by meeting all the lines of criteria. This counts people who are unsubscribed or have blank or invalid email addresses. Reachable by email refers to the number of people who would receive an email campaign if you used this segment as the targeting for your campaign. This number does not include a profile that has a blank or invalid email address nor those who are unsubscribed.

In addition, you probably have guests who have stayed at your property more than once and who, on one occasion, may have booked with their true email address and, on other occasions, may have booked via an OTA. In this case, our Advanced Profile Synthesis will be able to replace the masked OTA email address in the guest’s Rich Guest Profile with their real email address, therefore making them marketable. Furthermore, our new Profile Synthesis Reports will show you how many guests had OTA email addresses for which our algorithm was able to find a real, valid, reachable email address so that you can better visualize the fruits of our automatic data clean up.

  1. Allow you to act your data

When your database is full of duplicates, it’s hard to trust the data. Your analysis might show that most of your guests are business travelers that come from two surrounding states or countries, but without a clean database, it’s impossible to know whether all of these contacts are unique or there are duplicates mucking up the numbers. With Advanced Profile Synthesis working in the background to constantly deduplicate profiles, it’s safe to trust and action the data.

  1. Allow you to turn your data into revenue

With clean data, you can not only know who your most loyal and valuable guests are; you can also use that data to target people with similar attributes to drive revenue. Many Revinate Marketing customers are using data about their best guests to create look-alike audiences on social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or Google.

With this data loaded into third party platforms, you can really take advantage of your customer data by creating paid advertising campaigns aimed at the same segments that you are emailing. And, you can target past guests to return in more ways than just email.

  1. Give you the necessary guest intelligence to inform your omnichannel marketing strategy

Good data breeds better decisions. With Advanced Profile Synthesis running in the background to keep your data clean, you can rest assured that your data is clean enough to inform business decisions. For example, you might find that you are receiving a lot more bookings from the country of Finland than from other countries in Europe. With this intelligence, you can look into national Finnish holidays and email the Finns in your database with travel promotions around those days.

Insights from your newly clean guest database can be used to inform your campaigns across email, social channels, advertising, and paid media so that you can increase conversion and revenue.

Want to learn more about Advanced Profile Synthesis and how it helps Revinate Marketing customers maintain the cleanest guest data in the industry? Reach out today. We would love to provide a demo.

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