Quickly Design Your Next Email Campaign with the New Revinate Enhanced Email Composer

As marketers, we all know that customer communication is an important but cumbersome task. Designing, segmenting and working through the nuisances of systems geared toward designers and coders can make any marketer bang their head against the wall. Many marketers are forced to spend hours, if not days, customizing a single email, only to get stuck with template restrictions. As a result, many give up on their vision or pull in expensive resources to produce custom code.

But, not anymore! Revinate’s new Enhanced Email Composer is designed specifically for the hospitality marketer and, coupled with its smart segment builder, makes the perfect solution for marketers looking to quickly and effectively drive direct revenue through email, without compromising on design.

The Benefits

With the combined solution, part of Revinate Marketing, Revinate customers can create marketing campaigns at 12 times the speed of competitive tools. As a result, they develop and send three times the campaign volume per property. They also report saving $5-30k a month across the portfolio in services like coding and graphic design.

What Makes Enhanced Email Composer Different

Revinate’s solution doesn’t force hospitality marketers to learn new skills or be shackled by limited design templates. Rather, it allows marketers to bring their design vision to life with fewer constraints. As a result, email marketing campaigns can be built without the burden of writing code or the fear of compromising your brand.

With Revinate’s Enhanced Email Composer, you can:

  • Add and reorder images, text, CTAs, social media icons and more with drag and drop capabilities
  • Easily map your dynamic content for hyper-personalization
  • Quickly toggle between desktop and mobile editors
  • Edit images from right inside the composer
  • Undo and Redo your work with the click of a button
  • Achieve your design vision in less time and with fewer resources than before.
  • Add videos that link directly to your YouTube or Vimeo channels
  • Deliver 1:1 communications

Here are some more details.

Drag-and-Drop Design Makes it Easy

Enhanced Email Composer’s New interface saves time and frustrations with our drag and drop features. Add Images, Videos, Buttons, Copy and more simply by dragging the element and placing it where you want in the body of your email. Didn’t want that there? Go ahead and drag it wherever you want – it’s simple and quick.

Map Your Dynamic Content

We all know it’s about hyper-personalization today. Enhanced Email Composer allows you to
drop dynamic content blocks into emails, set the conditions, save and go! Personalized campaigns at your fingertips.

Toggle Between Desktop and Mobile

View your design in both desktop and mobile environments with a simple tab. Easily toggle on and off elements for each platform.

Edit Images Without Leaving Composer

Crop, size, add filters and more to your images right from your dashboard. The image editor saves your final masterpiece back into your email where it belongs.

Oops! I didn’t mean that!

With the Undo and Redo toggles you’ll never lose your work! We’ve made email building easy so you can get back to everything else on your plate.

To get started, reach out to support@revinate.com with the subject line, “Composer upgrade request” and our support team will get you on your way to faster, more professional looking emails.

Not a customer? Reach out to us and schedule a tour. We would love to show you how easy it can be to design on-brand emails, proven to drive revenue and reduce design time all with Revinate’s Enhanced Email Composer.

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