Set It and Forget It! Five Campaign Ideas to Help You Reach Automation Domination

You’re a hotelier, and that means you’re busy. Despite your best efforts, you can never seem to find enough time to check every item off your “to do” list. And even when you do, it’s quickly replaced by three new tasks. That’s why we recommend making automated campaigns the centerpiece of your email marketing strategy. … Read more

5 Ways Hotel Marketing Automation Boosts Efficiency

The battle for the attention of your guests has never been more intense. Fortunately, there are a few ways to help ease your hotel email marketing efforts to retain customers. Hotel marketing automation is one of those effective digital balms. The key is, through timing and segmentation, you can gain valuable insight into real guest … Read more

The Importance of Automation in Hospitality Marketing

Many of the recent technological innovations in business have focused on automation. Automation helps businesses save money by eliminating simple and reducing the amount of time and employees it takes to perform tasks. In this blog post, we’ll explore three of the ways that Revinate has helped hoteliers by developing automated solutions, specifically for the … Read more