How To Use Instagram To Get More Direct Hotel Bookings In 2022

As a hotelier, Instagram is one of your most powerful marketing and online distribution strategy tools. The popular social media platform can help you reach new audiences, drive engagement with your followers, showcase your property, and, as a result, drive revenue and direct bookings. Here are the Instagram features that can help you get bookings … Read more

Boosting Direct Bookings Using Hotel Website Personalization

Providing your visitors with that perfect offer to drive direct conversions In today’s digital world, website personalization is no longer a trend, but an expectation. Consumers want to have a one-of-a-kind online experience, tailored to their tastes and likings. Think of the user experience offered by Netflix and Spotify. These online platforms have developed advanced … Read more

Leverage the Power of Email Marketing to Drive Repeat Bookings and Revenue

At the end of 2017, Marc Heyneker, Revinate’s Co-Founder and CEO, and Erica Rich, the Sr. Hospitality Marketing Strategist, sat down with John Albano of Lodging Leaders to discuss the role that email marketing plays at hotels today. You can find the entire podcast on the Lodging Leader’s website, but we wanted to provide the … Read more

How UK, Ireland and DACH Hoteliers Can Drive More Holiday Bookings This Summer

Earlier this week, we took a look at how hotels in North America can maximize the effectiveness of their summer campaigns. Today, we’ll take a look at how hotels in the UK, Ireland, and DACH markets can do the same. When do campaigns see the most bookings? First, we looked at when hotels are seeing … Read more

Why Hoteliers Should Focus on Direct Bookings Post-Pandemic

In the late 90’s, OTAs, a new online travel resource, became popular with both consumers and hotels. For travelers, OTAs made it easy to see all your lodging options in one place, rather than jump from hotel website to website to check prices and amenities. For hoteliers, OTAs offered a great source of guests. Hotels … Read more

How to Create an Inclusive Environment for Your Hotel Guests and Improve Bookings

Have you ever heard the term “guest inclusivity” in the hospitality industry? Lately, it’s been generating a lot of buzz, forcing the corporate portion of the hotel industry to take notice. Hotels from far and wide are realizing how important diversity and inclusion can be. However, many organizations, especially small hotels, have no idea what … Read more

See how to get a 38% conversion rate on voice channel bookings

A mighty team of agents, a “force” if you will, that delivers substantial booking results beyond your standard call center, that’s Revinate RezForce. This team executes bookings with accuracy and strict attention to guest profiles, while capturing lead data throughout the duration of the call. RezForce hotel or vacation rental clients experience higher conversion rates … Read more