“Nothing will be the same”: How COVID-19 is Changing Hoteliers’ Attitudes

If you didn’t see the PhocusWire article published in mid-March, titled “Nothing will be the same” How Italian Hoteliers are Coping with the Coronavirus Fallout, read it now. It’s an opinion piece by Florence-based Giancarlo Carniani, the current president of Confindustria Alberghi Firenze, the region’s hotel association. He also runs a small hotel company. In … Read more

Eight Predictions for the Hospitality Industry Post COVID-19

By now, the reality of what we are facing has set in and COVID-19 is part of our everyday lives. Schools are closed. Non-essential workers are staying home. Businesses are boarded up. And, many hotels that have never locked their doors have closed until demand returns. While we all wish we could see into the … Read more

Navigating the COVID-19 crisis: Five challenges hoteliers must overcome

As hoteliers continue to navigate the world of hospitality amidst a global crisis, we asked our community to share with us the top challenges they were facing. Interestingly, in just a matter of days, we saw over 290 responses submitted from around the globe, and we discovered the five challenges hoteliers must overcome during COVID-19. … Read more

Covid-19 Series, Part 3: Tips for Staying in Touch with Furloughed Staff

Summary: How you treat employees while they’re furloughed or laid off can help you quickly rehire when the market returns. Yesterday we covered how hoteliers are gearing up to put proactive plans in place for when the travel industry regains momentum. An important part of this is staying in touch with furloughed or laid off … Read more

Covid-19 Series, Part 4: Resources for your furloughed staff

In this article, we share resources that HR or direct managers can share with laid off staff to help them get organized and stay focused on the task of finding new employment. My LinkedIn is flooded these days with messages from old colleagues and friends announcing that they have been laid off and are looking … Read more

How Hostels Can Adapt With COVID-19 Safety Measures

If you thought it was tough being a hotelier during Covid-19, imagine running a hostel. People choose to stay at hostels not only because they want to save money, but also because they want to meet other travelers and socialize. For most hostel guests, staying in a dormer, sharing a bathroom and eating communal meals … Read more

COVID-19 vaccines offer hope for the hotel industry in 2021

2020 was an incredibly busy year for hoteliers. Despite the fact that most hoteliers saw fewer guests last year than usual due to travel restrictions and shelter-in-place mandates, hoteliers worked overtime, and often with skeleton teams. They partnered with their local tourism bureaus to understand travel guidelines to their destination. They installed new signage to … Read more