Northern Ireland’s AgriTech firms can help create a more resilient hospitality supply chain

Young African male agroengineer in protective workwear looking at green spinach seedlings and touching leaf while standing in aisle by shelf Smart technology has revolutionized how our societies operate and work. The hospitality industry is no exception. With its reliance on safe and secure supply chains, the industry is looking to adopt and integrate smart … Read more

How to create a better guest experience: design thinking for hoteliers

It’s no secret that guests expect a personalized experience, whether they’re staying in a hotel or choosing a movie to watch on the couch. Every communication you have with a guest should be tailored to them. But first, to connect with your guests and provide them with the experience they want, hoteliers first have to … Read more

How to Create Marketing Audiences using your Hotel CRM

Truth be told, when we first began developing Revinate Hotel CRM, we were primarily focused on two use cases. The first was allowing hoteliers to easily segment guests to create targeted emails that drive better engagement and conversion. The second was to arm hotel staff with rich data about guests to personalize the stay and … Read more

What Does ‘Metaverse’ Mean & What New Career Paths Might it Create?

When Facebook announced their rebranding to Meta, a tidal wave of popularity crashed on the alternative reality: the Metaverse. Since then, a handful of multinational companies have announced their move: Adidas launches NFTs (non-tangible tokens) and buys a plot on the Sandbox Metaverse, Balenciaga has dedicated a business unit to working on digital projects, Nike … Read more

How to Create an Inclusive Environment for Your Hotel Guests and Improve Bookings

Have you ever heard the term “guest inclusivity” in the hospitality industry? Lately, it’s been generating a lot of buzz, forcing the corporate portion of the hotel industry to take notice. Hotels from far and wide are realizing how important diversity and inclusion can be. However, many organizations, especially small hotels, have no idea what … Read more