Five ways technology can help hoteliers navigate the labor crisis | Article

A perfect storm of challenges confronts the UK’s hotel and wider hospitality sector, like never before. The toxic combination of the pandemic and the fallout from Brexit has brought about the most significant labor market disruption. The industry has ever experienced, with swathes of people seemingly vanishing from the sector. However, despite these headwinds of … Read more

Navigating the COVID-19 crisis: Five challenges hoteliers must overcome

As hoteliers continue to navigate the world of hospitality amidst a global crisis, we asked our community to share with us the top challenges they were facing. Interestingly, in just a matter of days, we saw over 290 responses submitted from around the globe, and we discovered the five challenges hoteliers must overcome during COVID-19. … Read more

How the CEO of the World’s Best Workplace Leads During Crisis

Chris Nassetta, Chairman and CEO of Hilton, sat down with Matt Shay of National Retail Federation, to talk about how Hilton, the best-performing portfolio of brands in the business, with 18 brands positioned across more than 6,100 properties, is weathering the Covid-19 storm. During the session, Chris revealed his strategies for recovery and some predictions … Read more

Four Practical Tips For Surviving the Hotel Staffing Crisis

We recently surveyed hoteliers around the globe to understand how badly they were affected by the staffing shortage. Not surprisingly, more than 94.5% of hoteliers reported being affected. Here’s what some hoteliers shared about how their hotel has been impacted: “We’ve had to shorten hours, reduce menu offerings and close entire outlets.” — Hotelier in … Read more