Guide to Email Deliverability, Part 1: Dos and Don’ts

As one of Revinate’s Hospitality Marketing Strategists, I work closely with our Revinate Marketing customers on the most foundational aspect of email marketing – deliverability. What is deliverability? It’s a way to measure the success of a message arriving in the recipient’s inbox as intended. Multiple aspects affect deliverability, such as campaign content, quality of … Read more

Email Deliverability, Part 2: Best Practices

A few weeks ago, I discussed the fundamental aspects of email deliverability, including database quality, segmentation, engagement, and sending best practices. This week, I’m sharing hands-on tips to increase the chances of your email marketing messages getting delivered, with the help of compelling subject lines, attractive layouts, and localization. Let’s get started! Subject Lines It’s … Read more

Glossary of Deliverability Terms

Email deliverability can be an intimidating topic, and many who are new to email marketing find it difficult to understand. So what is email deliverability exactly? Put simply, it’s the exchange between two mail systems and understanding the details behind when a message is accepted or failed. As Revinate’s in-house deliverability expert, I’m here to … Read more

Naughty or Nice: The Holiday Deliverability Checklist

With the holiday season fast approaching, senders are gearing up for their holiday promotions. Black Friday, which is historically the highest volume day of the year, will cause many senders to start thinking about how they can remain on the “nice” side of the inbox. It becomes increasingly important to start thinking about how you … Read more