Four Seasons invites guests to share precious moments with loved ones this Ramadan

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts has unveiled details of its delectable seasonal dining experiences to help guests celebrate the spirit of Ramadan at properties throughout the region. The wide range of offerings capture the essence of this special time of year, and provide unmissable opportunities to create cherished memories with family and friends while thoughtfully … Read more

Four Steps to Maximizing the Lifetime Value of Your Guests

In the world of consumer marketing, customer lifetime value (CLV) is a metric that is used to determine how much is reasonable to spend to acquire a new customer, or the customer acquisition cost (CAC). But for top-performing consumer-facing companies in the world, CLV is the metric on which business decisions are made. Here’s why … Read more

Here’s One Way Hotels are Failing Pre-Arrival Guests

When it comes to pre-trip guest communications, the rest of the travel industry has left hotels far behind. As a result, travelers have far higher expectations, even compared to just five years ago. Those expectations are so high because airlines, OTAs, and Airbnb have taken charge and set them there with tailored pre-trip communications. The … Read more

2018 Budget Season: Own Your Guests (Stop Renting Them)

You have comfortable beds, a new lobby, friendly service, and offer value that is undisputed. As a result, your guests have never been happier with your hotel. Satisfaction scores are strong and getting better, and the smiles on guests’ faces assure you that you are doing the right thing to deliver a great stay, every … Read more

3 Ways to Find Your Best Guests Across Your Hotel Group

Communicating with guests from the group level is no easy task. Often, brand-level hotel marketers don’t have visibility into which guests have stayed where, how often they’ve stayed, and how much they’ve spent across the portfolio. However, if hoteliers want to boost repeat business, it’s important that guests are marketed to in a way that … Read more

How to Get Valuable Feedback From Guests

Any business that wants to flourish and grow needs to be highly responsive to customer feedback. The best hotels in the world are always looking for feedback from guests to improve and better understand guest expectations. Thankfully, hotels today have many sources of guest feedback, including online reviews, old-school comment cards, surveys, in-person feedback and … Read more

5 Reasons Why Email Marketing is the Best Way to Reach Guests

Email marketing has been around for decades but the emails that hoteliers send today hardly resemble emails from even ten years ago. The days of blasting the same email to your entire customer list are long gone. With a Hotel CRM like Revinate Marketing, hoteliers can send highly personalized emails timed to coincide with key … Read more

Five Tips to Capture Your Guests’ Preferences Pre-Arrival

Guests’ expectations around travel have never been higher. After more than a year of staying home to flatten the curve, travelers are finally ready to hit the road and make up for lost time. this week, Destination Analysts reported that 73.7% of Americans (up from 71.9%) are excited to travel in the near future. And, … Read more