Rihiveli Maldives Resort – Nature’s Tranquil Hideaway – Hotelier Maldives

An escape to one of the most naturally stunning islands in the Maldives takes just 45 minutes by speedboat after reaching its main airport. Hidden in lush vegetation, Rihiveli Maldives Resort offers homely stays; a stunning lagoon like no other; a year-round dolphin hot spot as well as two uninhabited islands in walking distance. On … Read more

Christophe Adam, Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa – Hotelier Maldives

Christophe Adam is the General Manager at Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa. With twenty-seven years of experience in the industry, Christophe is skilled and experienced in a variety of roles, from Consulting to Director of Sales & Marketing. Hotelier Maldives interviews Christophe to learn more about his career in the hospitality industry, his work at … Read more