How the Metaverse will Impact Hospitality

Analyzing the Areas of Hospitality the Metaverse Will Change Virtual reality meets augmented reality, in the digital world. Welcome to the metaverse. What You Will See Here The Metaverse The Metaverse and Hospitality Hospitality in 3D NFT Crossover Meta-Loyal Meta-Upsells Meta-Staff The Metaverse In case you were wondering, it’s not a video game. You need … Read more

The Face of Hospitality in the Post-Covid World

After the coronavirus pandemic’s impact brought the world to a sudden standstill, recovery has been slow and dismal for many industries. The future of the hospitality and tourism industry seemed grim. When the world was hit by the catastrophe, businesses shut shops quickly to combat its effects and turned to measures they wouldn’t have otherwise … Read more

Inbound & Outbound Hospitality Marketing Ideas

Putting together creative marketing ideas for your hotel can often be a challenge, especially for properties that lack a dedicated marketing manager. However, if you want to effectively compete with other properties and drive business to your property, you must consistently implement and test new marketing strategies. As post-pandemic demand continues to pick up across … Read more

Northern Ireland’s AgriTech firms can help create a more resilient hospitality supply chain

Young African male agroengineer in protective workwear looking at green spinach seedlings and touching leaf while standing in aisle by shelf Smart technology has revolutionized how our societies operate and work. The hospitality industry is no exception. With its reliance on safe and secure supply chains, the industry is looking to adopt and integrate smart … Read more

The Great Resignation and the Hospitality Industry

The Great Resignation has produced employee exits in multiple industries as we’ve never seen before in our history. Specific industries have been impacted more than others, and the hospitality sector leads the pack among exiting employees. Many of these exits can be blamed on the layoffs that happened during lockdowns because of travel restrictions. Another … Read more

Over 100 Hospitality Leaders Will Take The Stage At The Future Hospitality Summit Saudi Arabia To Bring The Industry’s Most Ground-Breaking Conversations To The Table

The Future Hospitality Summit (FHS) will return to Saudi Arabia in a new format on 24-25 May 2022 at the Riyadh Airport Marriott Hotel. Under the theme Reimagined Horizonsco-organisors The Bench and MEED, along with Saudi-based organiser SEMARK, have designed the program around the key themes of the future of hotel development, destination impact, aviation, … Read more

What Can Small Hotels Do to Succeed in the Hospitality Industry?

Building a small hotel from nothing into a wildly successful venture is no small feat. That’s particularly true today. The hospitality industry is far more competitive than it was even a decade ago. For owners wondering how to make a hotel better and more successful, the answer is simple: take the right steps and follow … Read more

A Guide to Hospitality and Tourism Education in Maldives – Hotelier Maldives

Hospitality and Tourism is one of the world’s largest industries, with a USD 9,170 billion global contribution in 2019. It is a great field to pursue a career in with a variety of options, especially in countries like the Maldives where tourism and hospitality is the highest contributor to the economy’s GDP. According to the … Read more

Post-Omicron optimism for the hospitality sector | Article

As hospitality embarks on another year of catering to guests amid the Covid-19 pandemic, there are plenty of reasons for the hospitality industry to be optimism. Despite the projected cost of Omicron, which could see the industry lose as much as £4bn, the lifting of restrictions offers hope that the worst is now behind us. … Read more