The big interview: Karen Hay, founder and creative director, INdulge Design

The big interview: Karen Hay, founder and creative director, INdulge Design Karen Hay – Founder & Creative Director at INdulge Design INdulge Design’s founder and creative director, Karen Hay, talks to TOPHOTELPROJECTS about her journey in hospitality design. The Hong Kong-based interior design studio, INdulge Design, takes pride in coming up with unique concepts and … Read more

The big interview: Stephen Albert, director of architecture, SB Architects

SB Architects’ Stephen Albert sits down with our editor-in-chief Richard Frost to talk about how his role has changed as a result of Covid and his commitment to sustainable design. Founded in 1960, Miami-headquartered architecture practice SB Architects is known for its involvement in high-profile hotel projects like The St Regis Longboat Key Resort and … Read more

The big interview: Joey Goei-Jones, design director, GDC Group

GDC Group’s design director meets our editor-in-chief Richard Frost to discuss the hospitality interior design studio’s work and how Covid has changed client expectations. Headquartered in London, GDC Group boasts an impressive portfolio that includes the likes of The Savoy in its home city, Somerville House in Jersey and Carton House near Dublin. Here in … Read more

Exclusive Interview: Improve the Hotel Booking Process, the Guest Experience, and More

What are some of the reasons why guests choose to book with an online travel agency (OTA) over a hotel’s website? According to an August 2016 Phocuswright report, the #1 reason is that OTA websites are easy to use. There is also a widespread consumer misconception that OTAs offer better prices than booking directly with … Read more

Exclusive Interview: Effective Hotel Revenue Management Strategies

Revenue management is one area that is evolving rapidly to keep pace with an technologically complex hospitality environment. To get some insights on the future of revenue management and new best practices for hoteliers, we spoke with Nick Molitor, the Director of Account Management at IDeaS, the global leader in revenue optimization technology. Nick, the … Read more

Exclusive Interview: Chinese travelers’ boom in Seattle

John Boesche – Director of Visit Seattle 120 million travelers from China went overseas in 2015, according to statistics from the China National Administration of Tourism. And approximately 115K of them visited Seattle. We had the opportunity to speak with John Boesche, Director of Visit Seattle to learn more about this important opportunity for the … Read more

Exclusive Interview: Updates from the Hotel Marketing Field with Martin Soler

Recently Martin Soler and Sebastien Felix published the 10th edition of the Hotel Marketing Benchmark looking what the future of hotel marketing holds. This is excellent timing for us to dive a bit deeper into the trends with Martin and learn more insights. Martin has a long history working in hotels and hotel marketing strategies. … Read more

Exclusive Interview with President Director of Tauzia Hotel Management, Marc Steinmeyer

Whether you’re a large organization, a small group managing a collection of independent hotels, or even a single hotel that needs a different direction, launching a new brand is a challenge for even the most seasoned of hoteliers. Since TAUZIA Hotel Management recently launched a new brand, we sat down with Marc Steinmeyer, the President … Read more

Exclusive Interview: Matthijs Welle, CEO of Mews Systems

We sat down with Matthijs Welle, the CEO of Mews Systems. Matthijs spent most of his early career with Hilton in London, Johannesburg, and Prague. In 2013 he left his secure corporate job to join the dynamic Mews Systems and set out to conquer the hotel world by revolutionizing Property Management Systems. Here are the … Read more

Executive interview: Oliver Geldner on distribution, marketing & revenue

Right before the holiday season, I had a chance to interview Oliver Geldner to talk about hotel marketing, revenue, and distribution. Oliver has a wealth of knowledge in the field, with more than 30 years’ experience in the hospitality industry. He is an expert in e-commerce, digital marketing, distribution, and profit management. He has worked … Read more