Leverage the Power of Email Marketing to Drive Repeat Bookings and Revenue

At the end of 2017, Marc Heyneker, Revinate’s Co-Founder and CEO, and Erica Rich, the Sr. Hospitality Marketing Strategist, sat down with John Albano of Lodging Leaders to discuss the role that email marketing plays at hotels today. You can find the entire podcast on the Lodging Leader’s website, but we wanted to provide the … Read more

Top three ways that Revinate customers leverage clean guest data

Recently, I conducted a poll on Linkedin about data. Specifically, I asked hoteliers how they felt about the cleanliness of their guest data. Fifty percent of respondents were “ashamed” of the condition of their hotel’s data, while only twenty four percent were “proud.” Given my conversations with hoteliers and the frustrations I often hear, I’m … Read more