How Soneva Inspires a Lifetime of Rare Experiences – Hotelier Maldives

Along with barefoot luxury and Slow Life philosophy, the three Soneva resorts in the Maldives and Thailand are known to host unique experiences that go beyond bespoke. From an annual program of rare experiences to the first Jaipur Literature Festival and TEDx event in the Maldives, Soneva aims to be a leader for guest experiences. … Read more

Sustainable Tourism in Maldives – Hotelier Maldives

Sustainability and Climate Change are now a key focus in the travel and tourism industry becoming an intrinsic part of the post pandemic tourism rebound. More than 300 tourism stakeholders recently signed up to the Glasgow Declaration on Climate which recognizes the urgent need for a global consistent plan for climate action in tourism. Sustainable … Read more

Rihiveli Maldives Resort – Nature’s Tranquil Hideaway – Hotelier Maldives

An escape to one of the most naturally stunning islands in the Maldives takes just 45 minutes by speedboat after reaching its main airport. Hidden in lush vegetation, Rihiveli Maldives Resort offers homely stays; a stunning lagoon like no other; a year-round dolphin hot spot as well as two uninhabited islands in walking distance. On … Read more

Akshay Prakash, Bartender, JOALI Maldives – Hotelier Maldives

Akshay Prakash Ingole is a bartender at JOALI. Originally from central India, he graduated with a degree in Hotel Management and Catering Technology. His older brother, who is in the same industry, inspired and guided him to choose a career in beverages. Once he decided to train as a bartender, Prakash was able to explore … Read more

Stellan Huang, Sales Executive, THE OZEN COLLECTION – Hotelier Maldives

Stellan Huang is the sales executive at THE OZEN COLLECTION, who was recently promoted from her position as sales coordinator. Initially working as a teacher in China, Stellan discovered her dream career in the hospitality industry after arriving to the Maldives and has worked with several luxury properties in the destination. Now, she plays a … Read more

Mariyam Lahufa, Jumeirah Maldives Olhahali Island – Hotelier Maldives

Mariyam Lahufa (Lahu) is the Commis II at Jumeirah Maldives Olhahali Island. Originally from Ulkulhas in Alif Alif Atoll, Lahu had a somewhat unorthodox start into the culinary field, choosing to study for a degree in Marketing and Management, a far cry from the kitchen. However, she had always been drawn to cooking, inspired as … Read more