How the Metaverse will Impact Hospitality

Analyzing the Areas of Hospitality the Metaverse Will Change Virtual reality meets augmented reality, in the digital world. Welcome to the metaverse. What You Will See Here The Metaverse The Metaverse and Hospitality Hospitality in 3D NFT Crossover Meta-Loyal Meta-Upsells Meta-Staff The Metaverse In case you were wondering, it’s not a video game. You need … Read more

What Does ‘Metaverse’ Mean & What New Career Paths Might it Create?

When Facebook announced their rebranding to Meta, a tidal wave of popularity crashed on the alternative reality: the Metaverse. Since then, a handful of multinational companies have announced their move: Adidas launches NFTs (non-tangible tokens) and buys a plot on the Sandbox Metaverse, Balenciaga has dedicated a business unit to working on digital projects, Nike … Read more