Set It and Forget It! Five Campaign Ideas to Help You Reach Automation Domination

You’re a hotelier, and that means you’re busy. Despite your best efforts, you can never seem to find enough time to check every item off your “to do” list. And even when you do, it’s quickly replaced by three new tasks. That’s why we recommend making automated campaigns the centerpiece of your email marketing strategy. … Read more

Reach Your Perfect Business Mix with Guest Data Management

Hoteliers already solicit and measure guest feedback pulled together from many different channels. They measure guest satisfaction ratings, ratings and sentiments, and slice and dice it by every department and factor they can, ensuring brand and operational quality, consistency and performance. That’s all common best practice, which begs the question, are you measuring the quality … Read more

5 Reasons Why Email Marketing is the Best Way to Reach Guests

Email marketing has been around for decades but the emails that hoteliers send today hardly resemble emails from even ten years ago. The days of blasting the same email to your entire customer list are long gone. With a Hotel CRM like Revinate Marketing, hoteliers can send highly personalized emails timed to coincide with key … Read more