Covid-19 Series, Part 3: Tips for Staying in Touch with Furloughed Staff

Summary: How you treat employees while they’re furloughed or laid off can help you quickly rehire when the market returns. Yesterday we covered how hoteliers are gearing up to put proactive plans in place for when the travel industry regains momentum. An important part of this is staying in touch with furloughed or laid off … Read more

Covid-19 Series, Part 4: Resources for your furloughed staff

In this article, we share resources that HR or direct managers can share with laid off staff to help them get organized and stay focused on the task of finding new employment. My LinkedIn is flooded these days with messages from old colleagues and friends announcing that they have been laid off and are looking … Read more

Video Series: Celeste Loh on what we can learn from APAC, what hoteliers should avoid doing & big changes coming

This week, Dylan Cole of Revinate sat down with Celeste Loh, one of Asia’s trail blazers in revenue management and founder and owner of theREVpeople. Celeste has worked with some of the world’s renowned hotel brands to give them a competitive edge in a demanding market. Like many in hospitality, Celeste worked her way up … Read more