Hospitality Industry Pain Points: Strategies for Hoteliers by Hoteliers

We always enjoy getting our customers together to discuss their experiences as hoteliers in a rapidly-evolving history. Not only do we get to learn about their pain points, but they get to discuss with one another and brainstorm for future success. Earlier this month, we hosted an executive roundtable event with customers from the Boston/Cape … Read more

Exclusive Interview: Effective Hotel Revenue Management Strategies

Revenue management is one area that is evolving rapidly to keep pace with an technologically complex hospitality environment. To get some insights on the future of revenue management and new best practices for hoteliers, we spoke with Nick Molitor, the Director of Account Management at IDeaS, the global leader in revenue optimization technology. Nick, the … Read more

Strategies for Winning the Direct Booking Wars

It’s been a busy year on the “book direct” front. Hotels of all sizes are facing off against established and emerging online travel agencies (OTAs) and meta sites. At the same time, lines arering, with OTAs continuing to expand their business services for hotels and the industry moving towards ‘meta metasearch’ (for another post). But … Read more

Marketing Unique Hotel Amenities with Unique Marketing Strategies

Whether we are talking about a small boutique hotel, a mid-size establishment, or a large hotel chain, they all have small but mighty unique amenities that can often be overlooked as an opportunity to create an equally unique marketing strategy. As the world continues to wake back up, travel and hospitality is slowly coming back … Read more

Italian experts discuss strategies to move from Agri-tech 4.0 to Agri-tech 5.0

Barbara Beltrame, Vice President, Confindustria; Alessandro Malavolti, President, FederUnacoma; Jose Rallo, Board of Directors, Italian Trade Agency; HE Nicola Lener, Ambassador of Italy to the UAE; Alessandro Paini, General Manager/President, SACMI Beverage; Massimiliano Giansanti, President, Confagricoltura Italy is renowned for its excellence in the use of new technologies for farming, as well as for its … Read more

Build Effective Marketing Strategies for Your Hotel and Increase Revenue

Continuously developing marketing tactics should be an ongoing task in the hospitality industry. Normally, your marketing strategy creates opportunities to connect with your audience by creating content that resonates with your target market. Additionally, using the right combination of inbound and outbound marketing allows you to engage with wider audiences. This article will examine why … Read more