9 Warning Signs Your Direct Booking Strategy Is In Trouble

Whenever a guest decides to book a trip they are investing their time, money, and resources in exchange for what they hope to be an amazing vacation. Are they booking with you directly or are they shopping the market? Unfortunately, OTA’s are experts at capitalizing on your guests’ desire to find the best price for … Read more

The Ultimate Hotel Upsell Strategy to Maximize Revenue

Airlines promote seat upgrades to enhance a flight experience, and McDonald’s has been upselling its customers for years simply by asking, “Do you want fries with that?” In hospitality, upsells enhance the guest experience while generating more ancillary revenue for hotels. The best upsell strategies to consider are segmentation, timing, and email design. Keep reading … Read more

How to Build Empathy into Your Marketing Strategy

Advice for hoteliers on how to be authentic in your marketing and avoid coming off as tone-deaf. Yesterday we shared 12 social post examples from hotels that are continuing to engage guests in a way that feels authentic. Today we apply these tips to your marketing strategy more holistically. In a Harvard Business Review article … Read more

5 pillars in developing a competitive marketing strategy

As you begin to plan your Covid-19 recovery, we know you might struggle with one big hurdle: fear of the unfamiliar. Starting from zero in uncharted territory is an overwhelming task. But there are ways to minimize ambiguity. We suggest breaking down your planning into bite-sized chunks so that you don’t let fear and uncertainty … Read more

Shubham Moondhara, Head of Corporate Strategy & Business Development, Trans Maldivian Airways – Hotelier Maldives

Trans Maldivian Airways (TMA) began its journey in 1989 as a company operating a helicopter fleet by the name Hummingbird Island Helicopters. However, as the destination was struggling with its infrastructure, helicopters did not seem to be the ideal mode of transport as the majority of resorts were still accessible via boat transfers. Thus the … Read more

Hotel marketing strategy: COVID friendly email subject lines

In last week’s blog post, we talked about how email marketing can help you boost your revenue and win back bookings from OTAs. As hoteliers turn their attention to recovering from a very challenging year, doing more with less is going to be more important. For this reason, everything that hoteliers spend their time working … Read more