Amadeus unveils five defining trends for the US group travel and events industry in 2022

Amadeus unveils five defining trends for the US group travel and events industry in 2022 Amadeus and SEPAQ Hotels win “Best Hotel and Lodging Online Campaign”. A recent Amadeus iHotelier®-driven promotions campaign for SEPAQ Hotels took home the “Best Hotel and Lodging Online Campaign” at the 2022 Internet Advertising Competition (IAC). The winning campaign for … Read more

Understanding Trends in Guest Feedback

Howard Schultz famously said, “When you acknowledge your weaknesses and ask for advice, you’ll be surprised how much others will help.” While he wasn’t referring to the hospitality industry per se, this quote likely rings true for hoteliers who strive to create great experiences and rely on feedback from guests. Luckily, today’s hoteliers have access … Read more

Dan Wacksman on upcoming hotel marketing trends, department collaboration and more

Recently, Revinate sat down with Dan Wacksman, founder of Sassato, LLC to discuss trends in the hotel industry and to get his thoughts on where hotel marketers should be making investments for success in 2020. Dan Wacksman, founder of Sassato, LLC Wacksman is a long-time veteran of the hospitality industry. We first met Dan Wacksman … Read more

Hospitality trends: How COVID-19 recovery looks in different regions

You can’t look at the news these days without seeing a story about the recovery of the hospitality industry. With the vaccine rollout under way In most parts of the developed world, optimism is high, despite the fact that variants continue to pop up and we are far from eradicating the disease, as evidenced by … Read more

Email Design Trends For 2022

2021 ushered in a new era of how we interact with our customers and prospects. Email design leant itself toward visual storytelling, emotional messaging, calming muted colors and (surprise) open spacing. 2021 saw the birth of “dark mode” as we spent more time in front of our screens. These design elements brought peace and calm … Read more